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  • Local rules

In case of two line set up in both directions, all landings have to be made in the west of the two lines. Main direction on the line, South-north

  • Positions of winchs and turn-arounds

The positions of the winches have been allocated by  the organizer based on a random process.

  • Preparation time 

 Preparation time of 5 minutes will be officialy announced only for the first group of competitors of each task, all following competitors will be called for preparation in due time.

  • Duration (working time 12 minutes)

There will be no official timekeepers for any pilot. That means that every pilot is responsible himself for timekeeping and recording the landing points.

In order to ensure fair results, however, the flight times of some randomly selected pilots in every group will be checked by officials. In case of a deviation of more than 3 seconds in favour of the pilot, the score for the respective flight will be 0 points. The same applies to incorrect declaration of the landing points.

After completion of the flight, every pilot or his helper has to inform the official at the score desk near the CD-tent about the flight time and the landing points.

If someone flies in the safety area, there will be first a warning and in case of recurrence the pilot gets 300 penalty points.

  • Distance (working time 7 minutes)

Straight before the start, each pilot or his personnel helper must to announce clearly his signal, such as «ALPHA », « BRAVO »......

The model must not be released before confirmation of the flightline manager

Relaunches have to be announced clearly and audible

The final landing has to be made on the western side of the winch lines

If someone flies in the safety area, there will be first a warning and in case of recurrence the pilot gets 300 penalty points.

  • Speed (Working time 3 minutes)

The speed task will be carried out in a « seamless » manner, i.e the working time of each following pilot starts automatically as soon as the model of the preceding pilot leaves the course

In justified individual cases or organisation problems, the pilot may obtain a « separate » working. In this case, the manager announced the new working time during the competition.Depending on weather conditions and timing it is up to cd s decision, whether the reverse starting order of current results or the originally starting order, if applicable with group scoring, will be used.

Further safety rules are announced at the briefing or answer if you have questions.


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